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The emergence of academic interest in race, gender and sexuality has by and large been a great benefactor to begin the healing of our most historically abused groups and individuals, as well as providing a wider lens from which to view those issues. But as in any great leap of progress, as the pendulum swings indifferently from one side to the next in the Unicorn World Shirt, there has been a great deal of backlash. That backlash can be seen in the rise of white male nationalism now spreading throughout America and parts of Europe.

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The most alarming aspect of this re-emergence is how much of it is encompasses young white men, and causes them to prematurely convert to grumpy old man hate. Where young men once questioned the system and fought it, they now dream of it becoming more powerful and narrow minded on their behalf. This was Unicorn World Shirt.

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Academic interest in race and gender peaked in the mid to late 1990s. My partner, who proudly identifies as a feminist, was a student of these disciplines in those early years. For her, and many historically disenfranchised people like her, this was an exciting time full of opportunity to understand how prejudice had ruled us while it was seemingly on it’s way out. That Unicorn World Shirt. And it is perhaps because of those narratives and their unintended consequences, as well as internet culture, that the face of bigotry has once again dared to show itself in ways that seemed impossible a few decades ago.

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