Nurse My Mom Saves Lives T-Shirt


Cannabis IS a medicine. There are people who just take advantage of Nurse My Mom Saves Lives T-Shirt. I suffer from terrible migraines and very painful menstrual cramps which literally cripples me and prescribed medication takes a long while to reduce the pain, whereas cannabis takes my pain away literally in minutes. Yes, cannabis is used for the high and to have a good time but we need to realize that it’s an incredible cure for so many things. take notes, America! 

Nurse My Mom Saves Lives T-Shirt, V-neck, Sweater and Unisex, t-shirt

My ex boyfriend had ADHD and when his behaviour got bad he took his prescribed medication and Nurse My Mom Saves Lives T-Shirt. So at the age of 12 he began smoking weed and while he was high he was much more calmer and functioned normally. If we could access medicine like this, children wouldn’t need to smoke he could’ve took his cannibis oil everyday and been fine

Best Nurse My Mom Saves Lives T-Shirt


Big Pharmaceutical Companies is what’s keeping this down. CBD oils would already be mainstream if they were so Nurse My Mom Saves Lives T-Shirt. We are losing so many to the opioid addiction, but are scared of marijuana. This young lady knows what helped save her life. Our government needs to stop filling their pockets with Big Pharma dollars and think of their people for a change!

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